Performing arts are strong at Epsom, and have long been the heartbeat of the co-curricular programme. Our star performers and musicians have left the College to succeed in their chosen profession, using their talents to bring joy to audiences the world over.

As with all else at the College, inclusivity and participation are the principles at the core of our musical and theatrical provision.

Our scholars lead by example – encouraging others, acting as ambassadors and role models, and showing to all what is possible with hard work and dedication to their art.

Drama and Music scholars will be expected to lead their peers in the regular smaller events held at the College, such as House soirees, and help to cultivate in others the values of self-confidence, risk-taking, practice and application, and self-expression that can make the performing arts so rewarding.

Value of a Performing Arts Scholarship.

We award two Performing Arts Scholarships and two Performing Arts Exhibitions at each entry point into the College (11+, 13+, and 16+). A Scholarship is worth £1,000 a year, and an Exhibition is worth £750 a year.

For information on what is required for an award in either Drama or Music, please click below.

Drama Scholarships

Music Scholarships