Every afternoon, from 4pm or thereabouts, the timetable is given over to pupils’ co-curricular interests. The scope and range of what is on offer at Epsom is impressive and caters for all interests. The aim is to open up new ideas and possibilities to our pupils, to help them discover previously untapped talents or simply a new hobby.

There are over 100 clubs and activities on offer, run by professionals from within and beyond the Epsom community. They nourish mind (debating), body (martial arts) and soul (yoga); and all points between.

Through their involvement in the co-curricular programme, pupils learn the core qualities of teamwork, tolerance and leadership; as well as learning the quality of time-management. Undoubtedly, your child’s time at Epsom will be busy, but we firmly believe that by teaching pupils how to use time as profitably as possible we inculcate a quality that will take them far in life.


Academic Clubs and Societies.

We offer a host of clubs and societies that extend and enrich pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of our academic subjects. Alongside these extension clubs, we provide clubs and societies – such as Astronomy, Philosophy and Exploring the Christian Faith – not traditionally offered at Secondary School Level. Epsom College pupils are able to begin to explore these interesting subject areas and develop their understanding of more complex theories and ideas.

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Creative Arts.

Pupils can indulge their creative side in the co-curricular programme. Whether they wish to paint, throw pots, or master photography; dance, act or design and make; activities, clubs and opportunities abound to develop creative talents, build confidence and learn to express oneself creatively.

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Games and Activities.

Whether it’s through honing strategic thinking through Chess, or cunning competitiveness at Bridge, some young people find expression, stimulation and self-confidence from games and activities that take place indoors, on tabletops and in quiet reflection as much as amid the hustle and bustle of a muddy field.

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Service, Community & Leadership.

Through our service programme, the Combined Cadet Forces (CCF), Duke of Edinburgh and our charitable work, young people at Epsom learn the values, discipline and reward of leadership and service to others. This generosity of spirit is at the heart of our ambition as a College: to produce tolerant, inclusive and welcoming young people.

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Sporting Activities.

Epsom is renowned for its sporting success and ambition. More important than the accolades though, is our ethos of all pupils taking part, being part of a team and having the chance to try – and hopefully enjoy – a sport or activity for the first time. The sporting activities offered through our co-curricular programme give each child the chance to try something new, indulge a passion, or hone their skills.

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