Epsom College was founded in 1855, borne of one man’s desire to improve the lives of those who had fallen on hard times. Dr John Propert pursued this goal tirelessly, providing the orphans of medical families with free housing, clothing and schooling; establishing this College as a lasting testament to his altruism.

The Victorian values of benevolence and excellence that guided Dr Propert’s work, and upon which this School was founded, remain our guiding principles to this day.

Through our service programme, the Combined Cadet Forces (CCF), Duke of Edinburgh and our charitable work, young people at Epsom learn the values, discipline and reward of leadership and service to others.

This generosity of spirit is at the heart of our ambition: to produce tolerant, inclusive and welcoming young people. Young people of outstanding character and keen intellect, who find understanding and fulfilment in putting the needs of others before their own.

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