Choral Competition 2023 | Epsom College
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The results are in

The annual interhouse Choral Competition is one of the oldest and most keenly-contested events in the College calendar.

This year’s judge was Laura Oldfield.

Laura has had an eclectic career. She has been Director of Music at a number of top independent schools but now enjoys a career as a professional singer. She sings with groups such as the BBC singers and London Voices, with whom she has recorded many blockbuster films, most recently the soundtracks to Barbie and the new Avengers film.

After careful deliberation, the final results are:

Solo – The Trott Cup

  • 1st: Brandon McGuinness (Propert)
  • Joint 2nd: Bea Digance (Raven) & Ellie Vetch (Wilson)
  • 4th: Amber Roberts (White)
  • 5th: Emily Mitchell (Crawfurd)

Part Song – The Carson Cup

  • 1st: White
  • Joint 2nd: Forest & Robinson
  • 4th: Raven
  • 5th: Wilson

Unison – The Murray Cup

  • 1st: Forest
  • 2nd: Raven
  • 3rd: White
  • 4th: Murrell
  • 5th: Holman

The Choral Competition Trophy (overall winners)

  • 1st: Raven
  • 2nd: White
  • 3rd: Forest
  • 4th: Wilson
  • 5th: Robinson

Click the image to view the livestream of results being announced..