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Holman is one of three boys’ boarding houses at the College. It was named after Sir Constantine Holman, a member of the College Council for many years and Treasurer from 1887-1906. He was a pre-eminent doctor who became Vice-President of the British Medical Foundation and received a knighthood from King Edward VII in 1904.

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Jonny Tidmarsh, Housemaster

I have been appointed Holman Housemaster beginning in September 2023, having previously been the Deputy Housemaster. The most noticeable characteristic of Holman is that it is a place where everyone is appreciated regardless of age or background – the camaraderie shown between the boys from M4 through to U6th is clear to see. 

Prior to coming to Epsom, I studied Environmental Geoscience at Birmingham and taught at Merchant Taylors’ School, Northwood. Having been at the College since 2019, I have had various roles during my time – I teach Geography with my specialism being the physical side of the subject, but also have been Head of Personal & Social Development (PSD). In addition, I also coach rugby to the U16As as well as rugby 7s and cricket, all of which I enjoy watching in my own time too. 

I am married to Natalie, who is also a teacher and therefore understands teenagers and boarding life too. Epsom is a special place for us since we got married in the Chapel on-site in August 2022 and are thoroughly looking forward to our upcoming years in Holman. 

Tracy Morris, Matron

I have been at the College for 13 years now and I love being Holman’s Matron. My favourite thing about the House is – obviously – the boys.

My second favourite is the spectacular view we enjoy from the back of the House looking out over the grounds – it is stunning! The boys can go straight from the House out onto the beautiful playing fields.

Holman is more of a home than a ‘House’, and we really are one big happy family. I try to add as many little touches as possible, to make Holman feel welcoming, the boys enjoy homemade cookies, toast at break time and afternoon snacks in our Brew Room. We also have fun throughout the year, whether it is carving pumpkins, making pancakes or decorating the Christmas tree!

In my spare time, I enjoy pottering about in the garden – growing vegetables and flowers, I have added a lot of plants and flowers to the House. We even have our own little garden which is very peaceful and pretty.

Jamie Stephen, Head of School, Michaelmas Term 2023

I have been a member of Holman since I started at Epsom in M4. I am originally from South Africa but have spent the last 7 years living in the UK. I am studying Art, Design & Technology and Maths for my A-levels and I just completed an EPQ focused on the social and political impact of hiphop music. Outside of the classroom, I represent the College at basketball, while also playing football and tennis. I have spent the last year as a peer mentor, and I will be the new head of the Architecture Society next year.  

I am honoured to be the Head of School for such a welcoming and outgoing community here at Epsom, where all skillsets, interests and abilities are appreciated. I have really enjoyed my time in Holman, being a part of a community where everyone wants to see you succeed and be the best version of yourself. I am really looking forward to what my final year at the College holds.

Will Lovatt, Head of House 2023-24

I have been a member of Holman House since the start of my time at Epsom College in M4. I am currently studying Politics, History and Geography for my A-levels and recently I have undertaken my own research project about the start of the Cold War. Outside of my studies I mainly represent the College in rugby as well as tennis which I also enjoy watching in my free time. I am also a proud member of the Politics Society and a peer mentor. I have a huge passion for the House and would like to maintain the sense of community and pride in Holman.

I am delighted to be appointed Head of Holman House for such an amazing and diverse group. I look forward to the year ahead!

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