Fayrer is known fondly as ‘the House on the hill‘ because it stands among the sports fields near the Cricket Pavilion and commands spectacular views towards London. Named in honour of Sir Joseph Fayrer, a leading doctor and reformer at the start of the last century, Fayrer House was the largest boys’ house in the College.

Originally established in the Newsom building, the house moved 40 years ago to what was then the school Sanatorium (which explains its remote location away from the main school buildings). There is no hint of the building’s history today: Fayrer has been totally refurbished and contains a wide range of multimedia facilities, including its own cinema room.

Christopher Telfer-Mason, Housemaster

I have been Head of Physics at Epsom College since 2015 and am looking forward to starting my role as Fayrer Housemaster in September 2021.

Along with teaching Physics, I am passionate about the STEM subjects and have recently achieved my Professional Doctorate in Education. One of the highlights of my time so far at Epsom College has been establishing a successful STEM Club, that enters a wide range of national and international competitions that have seen students achieve notable honours.

I am married to Charlotte who is a senior product developer for one of the UK’s biggest fashion retailers, and we are expecting our first child this summer. I am a keen sportsman and am actively involved in coaching rugby, football and tennis at the College. I still enjoy playing football and can usually be found cycling or running around the Surrey Hills.

Corinne Roy, Matron

I started working at Epsom College in 1989 and have worked in White House, Carr and finally became Matron of Fayrer House in 2009. Fayrer is a lovely House to be part of and the location on the hill is perfect for all the boys! We call ourselves the ‘Fayrer Family’ – it is a kind, caring and nurturing environment and a joy to be part of.

Apart from my family, who I spend most time with when I’m not at work, I love my dogs – I have two Bernese Mountain dogs, Ted and Lily, and I love our walks! I also enjoy cooking and gardening in my spare time.

Fraser Spalding, Head of House

My name is Fraser Spalding and I am the Head of House for Fayrer. I have attended Epsom College since M4 and am currently studying Music, Maths and Computer Science. I involve myself in the squash team and the College bands such as Concert Band and Big Band. I have attained Grade 8 Saxophone and Grade 7 Trombone. I am also an active member of the RAF and an Epsom College Peer Mentor. Outside of school I enjoy a mix of club squash, video games and manga, as well as walking my two dogs Maggie and Gus and of course, my favourite food is cheese.

Christopher Telfer-Mason

Corinne Roy