The wellbeing and safety of all our pupils is paramount. All staff – teachers and support staff – take great care and pride in getting to know each pupil as an individual, and in respecting them for the unique qualities they bring to our community.

A great deal has been done over the years to ensure that time spent at Epsom isn’t just about exams, merits or sanctions. We want young people to join us full of potential and to leave us successful and fulfilled, with a sense of connection to a supportive, nurturing community.

We have worked hard over the years to develop a strong sense of community, and to place the utmost importance on the wellbeing of our pupils.

Fine-tuning the rhythm of the days, weeks and years; honing our calendar of House competitions, whole-school events and social occasions; and perfecting our provision of pastoral care, so that pupils learn and develop and grow together; sharing moments, forging memories and carrying with them that ineffable sense of what it means to be an Epsom pupil.

We have published Wellbeing Matters, which brings together all that we are doing across every year group to support the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils.

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The House system

The House system at Epsom is the bedrock of the pastoral care your child receives. The House becomes a second family; a tight-knit community of young people who encourage, console, share and laugh together.

All students are members of a House, whether they are day or boarding pupils. Each House is home to roughly 60 pupils, from Year 9 to Upper Sixth.

A House is not just a building, but a place a child will call their own, where they will be part of a community of friends, fellow pupils and staff.

Each House is in the charge of a Housemaster or Housemistress, assisted by four or five house tutors.

They guide your child through the choppy waters of adolescence; providing support, kindness and the time and space in which they can develop into young people ready to step out of Epsom confident and assured in who they are and what they stand for.

In addition to providing pastoral care, House staff also oversee House activities, take afternoon and evening supervision duties, monitor pupils’ extracurricular commitments (including activities, games, drama and music) and offer general advice and guidance to all pupils in the House.

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Strong family feel

All students are members of a House. This not only provides healthy competition between Houses, but also is the bedrock of Epsom’s strong family feel.

Epsom is also fortunate enough to have 70% of staff living on site – with their own families.

This adds a unique quality to the life of the College, which at times feels like an extended family sharing together, caring for each other.

The Medical Centre

We offer treatment, advice and support in a professional, caring manner, thus enabling pupils to maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing during their time at the College.

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School Counsellor

The College has its own counsellor available to all pupils. The service is confidential and available through the Medical Centre, which is staffed by qualified resident nurses and holds a daily surgery.

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