We believe that to do anything well takes time and application, so we provide our pupils with the gift of time. It would be impossible for any one pupil to access all that we have to offer, but their Housemaster or Housemistress will encourage and guide them to achieve the ideal mix based on their individual strengths, interests and potential.

Creative timetabling, small classes, inspirational teaching and tutor support enables students to achieve their full academic potential.

The Senior School Day

Each day begins at 8.25am with Chapel, Assembly or time spent with House tutors.

From Monday to Friday, there are four lessons before lunch. The afternoons are dedicated to sport, music, drama, CCF and other activities, alongside some lessons.

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Day pupils may leave after final Registration at 6pm, although there is a dedicated cultural hour between 6.15-7.15pm, during which pupils are able to enjoy a broad range of talks, plays, performances and society meetings.

Thanks to our enviable reputation and our proximity to London, we are able to attract eminent people from all walks of life, who broaden and enrich our pupils’ experience of academic and cultural life.

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On Saturday, pupils begin their day in Chapel followed by three lessons before lunch. Sporting fixtures take place in the afternoon.

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The Lower School Day

The Lower School timetable follows a slightly different routine to the rest of the School. It is specifically tailored to the needs and learning styles of our younger pupils.

The day starts at 8.25am, as with the rest of the School, and is followed by assemblies, time spent with the child’s tutor, or in Chapel depending on the day.

Pupils then have three lessons before breaking for a slightly earlier lunch. Lower School pupils end their days at 5pm, and there are no formal lessons on a Saturday. Instead, pupils will either represent the College in fixtures or receive sports coaching.

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For those that wish, there is fully-staffed supervision available from 7.45-8.25am, and 5-6pm, during which time Lower School pupils can do their prep.