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Epsom Teams Take on Top Gear Test Track

This weekend saw Epsom College’s two STEM Racing teams back in action at Dunsfold Park, the home of TV’s Top Gear test track.  

Following the summer break, both teams spent time working on their Greenpower electric cars with the hope of improving speed and the total distance to cover whilst racing. 

After an early start, the teams arrived at the circuit raring to go. The cars were put through a scrutineering process to ensure they met the strict rules; including brake-testing and chassis modifications. 

After both cars were certified to race, and a practice session allowing the teams to fine-tune their cars and get familiar with the track layout and master the racing line, they were off! 

The Formula 24 (F24) teams were up first for two 90-minute races. In this category each team must make two mandatory pit stops to change drivers, an area where they can easily make up or lose time on their competitors. Our team did a good job, having worked hard in between races to make their pit stops as smooth as possible. The Epsom drivers Dylan Dhanani (Upper Sixth), Leo Skingley and Oliver Booth (Lower Sixth) managed to complete 29 laps, covering a distance of 22.62 miles, with a highest-recorded speed of 24mph.  

Next up was the Senior Team in the F24+ race. This is a 60-minute race with no required pit stops and a challenge to see who can complete the furthest distance in the time. Amy Scerri (Upper Sixth) was driving and managed 24 laps and a distance of 18.72 miles. The team achieved a highest-recorded speed of 26mph, and finished sixth in the F24+ kit car class. 

The second F24 race rounded off the day, with the Epsom team making some minor alterations which saw an improved performance. They completed 35 laps, a highest recorded speed of 23mph and a total distance of 27.3 miles covered. They finished 29th out of 57 teams that took part.  

Here’s hoping this performance is enough for our teams to qualify for the end-of-season international final.