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165 Delegates Attend EPMUN

Last week was the Epsom MUN Society’s busiest and most exciting week of the year, featuring their annual EPMUN conference on Saturday. Over 165 delegates from 13 schools across the South of England gathered in The Mermaid Lecture Theatre. Accompanied by their 20 advisers who had dedicated their Saturdays to be with them. They were greeted to a warm reception hosted by Epsom pupils and the Catering team.

After this, the students attended the opening ceremony with speeches from Sir Anthony Seldon, John Gartside, James Mathews and a particularly riveting one from our Secretary General, Faris Jafar.

The first session of debate then commenced in our six committees with topics ranging from compulsory foreign aid in DISEC to the question of Genetic Modification in the World Health Organisation. Fierce debate occurred in all committees, which after the excellent lunch provided by catering, was resumed for another two hours in the afternoon. With over ten resolutions passed in our six committees, the delegates rushed into the General Assembly for their last opportunity to debate of the day. With the highly exciting fictional issue of a US private military contractor overthrowing the government of Mozambique, the delegations debated clauses to fix this pressing issue. Despite only a few clauses being passed because of the strongly opposing views, delegates thoroughly enjoyed this great opportunity to debate.

The closing ceremony topped off a day of exciting debate and discussion. James Mathews spoke to thank the many people who had devoted their Saturday to the Conference before our other Secretary General, Selim Ardac, spoke about his inspiring MUN journey. To finish the day, we held the awards ceremony with over 20 delegates being awarded either ‘commended’ or ‘best’ delegates in their committees. In addition, for their excellent debating in the General Assembly, Alleyn’s earned the prestigious ‘best delegation’.