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Croydon High School MUN Conference

Epsom College had a very successful day at CROYMUN. Here, Head of MUN, George Greenbury, reports on the event:

Emily Vandrau (R) cemented her hegemony in the world of MUN with another Outstanding Delegate award; she continues to bestride the local circuit like a colossus and has rapidly made a name for herself (for laypeople, rising to the very top of the cream afloat the crop of some 200 delegates).

Additionally, Nara Aligulova (Cr) becomes the first Epsom College student ever invited to chair a conference committee; by way of analogy, she joins a lesser celebrated but no less important cadre of elite civil servants at a tier that would be senior enough to see her ennobled.

Whilst there were no awards for our whole delegations, the Society was at far from full strength. Pleasingly, Caroline Lansdown (W) got an emergency amendment passed, and so did Alexander Povey (Rn) (in only his second conference); both of these are significant achievements, and put these delegates in the Championship League of student diplomacy (but very much knocking at the door of the promotion).

In total, eight pupils and students attended; these were: Nara (chairing), Ebube Akojie (Wh), Zeynep Kotiloglu (Wh), and Wendy Wong (Wh) (representing Iraq); and Caroline, Teo Mladenov (H), Alexander, and Emily, (representing Spain).