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High Energy Workshop With The Theatre Centre

This week the Drama department were once again visited by the professional company, Theatre Centre. The team aim to present big ideas and pose difficult questions that can help young audiences make sense of a complex and changing world. They use the power of stories, writing and performance to support students and teachers in their learning to build confidence and aspirations. Their vision is that children and young people are empowered in their activism and leadership through theatre, using their voices and ideas to make change in themselves and the world around them.

The Border is a high energy, outrageous Brechtian parable written by Afsaneh Gray that explores the lines we draw between ourselves and other people and the absurdities of borders.

It featured original songs and a live break-out debate the GCSE and A-level drama students were asked to voice their opinions. The Upper Fourth Drama students also participated in an hour workshop with two of the cast members. The pupils explored the world of Brecht and developed their understanding of his technique, Gestus, in preparation for future practical modules.

By Rhiannon Johnson, Director of Drama