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A Celebration of Languages & Cultures

On Tuesday we hosted a wonderful new event, Mosaic, which celebrated different languages and cultures. Upper Sixth student Selim Ardac, Fifth Form pupils Olivia Gioffredo and Paulina Radko share their reflections on the event.

“The Mosaic event was a captivating celebration of diverse cultures and languages, tastefully curated by our Modern Languages department. The evening featured a lengthy list of performances, including vocal performances, violin solos, and heartfelt poems. Each performer introduced themselves and what they would be performing, in the language of their act. It’s safe to say that expectations were exceeded throughout the evening.

Some highlights included the entertaining rendition of Head Shoulders Knees & Toes in Mandarin by Emma Wright and Marcus Bennett, igniting a collective dance spirit among the audience.

Olivia Gioffredo’s original composition Je continue left a lasting impression, with many in the audience convinced of her future stardom.

Mehrad Ghorashi delivered a powerful recital of a Farsi poem from Shahnameh (The Epic of Kings) with passion and authenticity.

A captivating slideshow added historical context to the pieces being performed and their authors/composers, and some competitive members of the audience completed a language trivia quiz which was handed out.

The Mosaic event was a remarkable display of the different languages and cultures within our school community. We definitely look forward to attending the next one.”

By Selim Ardac


“On Tuesday, a new opportunity combining music, literature and languages was held for the first time. The evening was called Mosaic’, and everyone who contributed spoke in their native language or a foreign one. It was an amazing experience with a large variety of different languages and cultures. The catering staff provided food from all around the world, and performers ranged from pupils to teachers to support staff! It was incredible! The atmosphere was amazing and very comforting. I performed an original song that I wrote in French, for the first time, and the audience was extremely supportive and enthusiastic! Overall, the evening was a huge success and will hopefully become very well-known at Epsom College.”

By Olivia Gioffredo


“This Tuesday we had a wonderful event called Mosaic where we celebrated different languages and cultures. As an international student, it was so valuable for me that people gathered to celebrate diversity. I really enjoyed watching all the performances of the students as well as the members of staff and hearing so many different languages was a pleasure. The atmosphere of the event was welcoming and cosy and it was very nice to try different cuisines. I spent an amazing evening, and I was so happy to have an opportunity to sing in my own language which made me feel like I was at home.

By Polina Radko