A Full House For The Lower School Concert | Epsom College
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A Full House For The Lower School Concert

Over 120 Lower School Pupils entertained an appreciative audience in a packed Big School on Wednesday evening. The evening displayed the breadth and depth of talent within the Lower School, and concluded with a rousing performance of The Circle of Life from the whole of the Third Form. The choir was accompanied by Hattie Stephens (GH) on the drum kit and Lower School tutors on African Drums.

Jupiter from The Planets – Holst arr. Hare

Lower School Concert Band

Director: Mr P Johnson-Hyde

Joshua Agoma (Hu), Sophie Brittain (GH), Sophie Bustard (Wa), Adam Combe (Wa), Juliette Cox (Hu), Henry Devine (Wa), Poppy Gibbins (Wa), Sebastian Harper (Wa), Caitlin Lynch (Wa), Tessa Mapp (Hu), Millie Milne (Hu), Alex Moore (Je), Sophia Pirrie (Je), Dev Sharma (GH), Hattie Stephens (GH), Megan Tan (Wa), Ada Ucuncu (Wa), John Warfield (GH), Alex Watkinson (Je), Miss J De Luca, Mrs R Wilson


Marcia Op.44 – Rieding

Sophia Pirrie (Violin: 3rd)


Broken Hearted Girl – Edmonds

Esme Jordan (Voice: 3rd)


Hound Dog – Lieber & Stoller

Alexander Watkinson (Piano: 3rd)


I’m Not That Girl from Wicked – Schwartz

Leah Marks (Voice: 3rd)


Caramel Carousel – Harris

Dev Sharma (Flute: 3rd)


Silent Worship – Handel arr. Somervell

Isaac Robinson (Voice: 3rd)


I Knew You Were Trouble – Swift

Poppy Gibbins (Voice: 3rd)


Nuvole Bianche – Einaudi

Hattie Stephens (Piano: 3rd)


Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis

Freddie Carty (Guitar/Vocals: 3rd)


Watermelon Man – Hancock

Junior Blues

Director: Mrs R Wilson

Sophie Bustard  (Wa), Ananya Kailasam (Je), Millie Milne (Hu), Samara Sarpong (Hu)


I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables – Schönberg

Lucy Campbell (Voice: L4th)


Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

Sofia-Bibi Watkins (Voice: L4th)


The Sound of Music from The Sound of Music – Rodgers & Hammerstein

Caitlin Lynch (Voice: L4th)


A Thousand Years – Perry

Sophie Brittain and Priya Sirah (Voice: L4th)


Chanson de Matin – Elgar

Emily Walsh (Piano: L4th)


Hallelujah – Cohen

Heeta Vijaykumar (Voice: L4th)


Something Inside So Strong – Siffre

Lower School Consort Choir

Director: Mr S Johns

Accompanist: Miss De Luca

Sophie Brittain (GH), Seren Callaghan (Hu), Lottie Edwards (GH), Poppy Gibbins (Wa), Ed Green (Hu), Ananya Kailasam (Je), Olivia Key (Hu), Caitlin Lynch (Wa), Theo Maxwell Randeria (Hu), Millie Milne (Hu), Alex Moore (Je), Sophia Pirrie (Je), Isaac Robinson (Je), Priya Sirah (Hu), Hattie Stephens (GH), Bibi Watkins (Wa), Alex Watkinson (Je)


Just Don’t Know – Morgan

Zac Power (Guitar: L4th)


Bruises – Capaldi

Ed Green (Voice: L4th)


Noisy Neighbour – Lederman

Sophie Bustard (Drums: L4th)


Memory from Cats – Lloyd Webber

Millie Milne (Voice: L4th)


Circle of Life from The Lion King – John & Rice

Third Form Choir

Director: Mr S Johns

Accompanist: Miss De Luca

Drums: Hattie Stephens (3rd)