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A-level Biologists Visit London Zoo to Research Endangered Species

Keira Patel, Lower Sixth, reflects on the group's day at the zoo, the primary research gathered and species investigated

During our trip to London Zoo this week we had the opportunity to gather primary research relating to the importance and downsides of conservation, specifically ex situ conservation.

We worked in groups to research endangered species within the zoo, investigate the work the zoo has done to help and also their plans to improve their current scheme of conservation. Our group researched the Philippine crocodile which is critically endangered and maintains ecological balance within freshwater habitats. We also looked at key ethical dilemmas of the zoo’s work in relation to the benefits of their efforts to protect this species.

The research was extremely interesting and helped us all gain a deeper and clearer understanding whilst gaining new knowledge about conservation, which is a key part of our A-level course.

We then spoke to other groups and learnt about what they had been researching as well as being able to visit other species across the zoo for enjoyment. Overall, it was an extremely fun and thought-provoking trip.