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A-level Drama Students Do The Double On London Theatre Trip

Written by Poppy Tilling (Upper Sixth, Crawfurd)

On Wednesday 19 October, we headed off to London in one of the school minibuses, all excited to get back to some live theatre.

As we pulled up to the Old Vic, we were all eager to see what was ahead of us, as we entered the doors to see Eureka Day. When first arriving in the auditorium we were surprised to see a recreation of a pre-school library, and we quickly discovered that the set would be a great thing to analyse for our written examination. With one of the key themes being about the morals of vaccinations in our modern world (pre-Covid), we all left the theatre with questions. Most of us agreed that the zoom call scene was our favourite making the audience roar with laughter and reminding us of our Covid online lessons. 

After leaving the Old Vic we headed over the bridge towards the West End, ready to see our next show The Life of Pi

With one or two of us knowing the story of The Life of Pi, it left the rest of us waiting with bated breath to see what the cast had in store. The set and puppetry were outstanding and made the animals in the play come to life. The designers used the lighting to create the settings of the scenes, and clever stagecraft to fool the audience when Pi jumped into the water. After leaving I have a clear understanding of why the play has won the awards it has, they are well deserved.

I cannot recommend these shows enough, if you are a regular theatre-goer or not, you will come out with a renewed love of the theatre. Theatre was created to provoke thought in the audiences’ minds, and I can guarantee that these plays will do just that.