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A Spectacular Evening at the Vickers’ Project

An annual event, the Vickers' Project was established in 2017, when Lower Sixth student, Katie Vickers, undertook the daunting task of writing a musical for her Extended Project.

In the first half of each summer term, the Performing Arts Studio is available for any Middle Fourth, Upper Fourth, or Lower Sixth pupils to rehearse and perform a play or musical of their choosing. This event is entirely pupil-led, allowing budding directors, designers and performers their chance to work together, on a project they feel passionate about.

This year we had three productions:

  • The Man in the Woods, an original Middle Fourth piece, written by Lucy Peer, William Watkinson, and Lila Pramoj.
  • An extract from the musical, Dear Evan Hansen, directed by Harlie Kirkman,
  • An extract from Harold Pinter’s The Lover, directed by John Warfield.

This eclectic mix of performances proves that the thespians at Epsom are both passionate and intellectual; their performances were professional and heartfelt. A wonderful evening of pupil-led theatre, showcasing Epsom’s thespian talent, at its best. Bravo and congratulations to all!

The Man in the Woods, original play 

  • Lucy Peer, Year 9, director, co-writer, actor
  • William Watkinson, Year 9, co-writer, actor
  • Lila Pramoj, Year 9, actor & co-writer
  • Siena Plant, Year 9, actor
  • Tilly Gale, Year 9, actor
  • Maxim Read, Year 9, actor
  • Stein Mackintosh, Year 9, actor
  • Elyanna Oyediran, Year 9, stage tech

Dear Evan Hansen extract

  • Jacob Secker, Year 12, actor
  • Harlie Kirkman, Year 12, director/actor
  • James Bedford, Year 10, actor

Extract from The Lover, by Harold Pinter

  • John Warfield, Year 12, director
  • Caitlin Lynch, Year 12, actor
  • Hector MacMillan, Year 10, actor


  • Amelia Jallot, Year 10, stage manager for entire show