Annual RAC Squash Fixture | Epsom College
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Annual RAC Squash Fixture

The College team once again enjoyed their annual trip to compete against the RAC on the doubles courts of their Woodcote Park clubhouse.

A young College team, consisting of four pairs, provided a real challenge to the RAC in all the matches. However, in the second, third and fourth pair matches, the RAC’s greater experience of playing on the wider doubles courts gave them the edge. James Bull (G) and Ronnie Hickling (Wa) played a particularly competitive match at second seed.

Despite these losses for the College, pride was restored with an outstanding victory in the first seed match: Stan Tanguy (G) and Luke Camfield (GH) came back from 2-0 down to beat the RAC’s pair (including a professional player who has competed in the Commonwealth Games) 3-2, showing impressive tactical nous and skilful skill, especially considering Luke Camfield was playing on a doubles court for only the third time.