Artists gain insight from George Pincus MBE | Epsom College
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Artists gain insight from George Pincus MBE

Twenty Upper Sixth artists visited the residence of school governor, George Pincus MBE, an avid art collector.

Mr Pincus kindly agreed to talk to the students about the art of collecting through highlights of his personal collection. These included works by OEs Graham Sutherland and John Wells, as well as pieces by Henry Moore and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham.

It was fascinating to hear how key events in Mr Pincus’ life as an Epsom pupil shaped his tastes and his interests. The students learned about the importance of an artwork’s provenance and were given advice on how to start acquiring their first pieces.

“This was an excellent opportunity for our Upper Sixth to engage with, and learn about, art collecting and to enhance their understanding of the subject. It has already generated a lot of discussion among our students and we hope it will continue feeding into their personal investigations”

Nikolas Arvanitis, Head of Art.