Audition Workshop by Rosy Barber | Epsom College
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Audition Workshop by Rosy Barber

On Friday 21 January senior drama scholars participated in an audition workshop run by Rosy Barber, of ArtsEd.

Upper Fourth (Year 10) pupil, John Warfield took part and writes: “It was extremely informative and interesting. As a group, I feel we learnt a lot about the confidence and composure you need to have as you enter an audition.

“After we learnt about the audition process, we went onto monologue readings. We could pick from a variety of monologues and then choose whichever one we thought we could perform better. After reading them out loud, in the way you thought fit best, we went onto a very useful practice, where the director would make you read the same monologue however you would be given different scenarios. For example: reading it like a speech, or like you are in a therapy session, or trying to comfort yourself in the mirror. This really helped you see the scene from a different view. Instead of just performing the monologue the same way, it made you think about what you were doing and how you will express your emotions for that scene.

“After that we went on to do voiceovers, as we were given a list of commercial products to perform,  not using your body but just your voice. It was interesting as it narrows your focus down, to how you are pronouncing every individual word. After that we went onto duologues. We were paired up and were given a piece of text to rehearse and perform together. The pieces varied but for example a piece was from Good Will Hunting. This was truly inspiring as it was my first experience of doing a duologue, so to be able to feed off the energy and act off the other character and actor, was truly an amazing experience.

“The whole workshop was brilliant. I would say my favourite part would be the duologue performance. I think everyone who participated learnt a lot and had a great time.”