Bath and Otter Swimming Cup 2019 | Epsom College
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Bath and Otter Swimming Cup 2019

A team of ten made the trip to London Aquatic Centre on Friday morning. The freestyle relays were up first in the morning, Isabelle Thesiger (R) clocked the fastest split of 32.10 for the girls’ team (50m Free), while Daniel Marriott (C) had the quickest time of the boys, when he started the relay in 1:02.10 (100m Free).

In the afternoon Amelia Thomson (Wh) swam an impressive 44.9 on the 50m breaststroke leg of the girls’ medley, but the best swim of the day was the boys’ 4x50m medley. Back – Max Hales (Fa) 31.12, Breast – Frank Yao (F) 35.90, Fly – Thomas Stannard (C) 31.93 and Free Daniel Marriott (C) 26.75.