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Bold Voices Gender Workshop

Entrepreneur, gender equality advocate and educational speaker, Natasha Eeles, Founder of Bold Voices, ran a gender workshop that encouraged Lower Sixth pupils to explore the concept of gender both in society as a whole and at a school level. Pupils explored the use of language, stereotypes, and methods to foster an inclusive community.

What is Bold Voices?

Bold Voices was founded on the belief that all young people have the right to receive an education free from gender inequality and gendered violence. This mission lies at the core of what we do and drives us everyday to keep empowering young people to recognise and tackle these inequalities. It is up to us as educators and leaders within our community to ensure that the next generation are better equipped than we were to challenge these cultures.

What is covered in the Workshop?

  • Pupils will be given knowledge about the context of inequality using statistics and stories about how inequality manifests itself in the world.

  • Using school as a focus, pupils will explore the different forms of inequality that can exist and will carry out an activity to better understand how these forms of inequality fit together.

  • Pupils will be encouraged to think about how we can disrupt these inequalities, at a personal, group and community level and thereby contribute to the tackling of inequality.