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British Abstract Art comes to the College

The College Archivist, Rebecca Worthy, was delighted to recently receive two paintings by OE John Milnes-Smith (Wilson 1928-31) gifted by his son and daughter in law.

Milnes-Smith trained as an architect after Epsom College and had a successful career particularly in the field of building conservation. An art prize winner at Epsom he retained his interest in fine art and painted consistently until his death in 1998. His inclusion in the seminal exhibition “British Abstract Art”, in 1951 at Gimpel Fils in London cemented his position in the art world. He continued to exhibit worldwide and his work became known for its linear brush strokes and bold colours. He later experimented with different techniques such as collage; he was never afraid to paint over and start again, multi layering his work with attempts until he was satisfied.

His two paintings will join the growing ranks of OE artists on display in the John Piper Art School and the care of Nicolas Arvanitis, Head of Art, for our current pupils to study and learn from.