Cadets Enjoy Gliding Experience at RAF Kenley | Epsom College
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Cadets Enjoy Gliding Experience at RAF Kenley

Five Epsom cadets travelled to the former RAF station to try their hand in a glider.

After arriving at the former RAF station, the five Epsom cadets went inside for a briefing before they could take to the gliders.

They were briefed for the flight, including how to react to the instructor’s instructions, how to put on a parachute and enter a cockpit correctly as well as other emergency procedures and were then tested on their recently acquired knowledge in a test cockpit.

After being cleared, the cadets moved out to the runway, where they helped with the setup of the gliders before entering the air twice each with an instructor. The first time was to see the view, the second to test their knowledge of control surfaces and of roll, pitch and yaw.

A wonderful day was had and a sincere thanks to Squadron Leader Schomberg for taking the cadets.