Caitlin Barnett Professional Dance Workshop | Epsom College
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Caitlin Barnett Professional Dance Workshop

On Tuesday evening an excited group of dancers gathered for a workshop led by Caitlin Barnett.

The session started with a contemporary warm-up exploring a movement style that was new for many members of the group, before moving on to learn a section of choreography by Caitlin Barnett. This piece had been inspired by the Political prisoners and in-humane treatment they received throughout the Irish hunger strike in 1981.

Using a poem written by Bobby Sands as their stimulus the dancers went on to create their own original choreography. Enthused by Caitlin’s exploration of the imagery in the Poem, the groups developed movement influenced by serpent creatures as well as experimenting with waltz movements and partner work to embody the ‘monsters in Bobby’s madness’.

At the end of the session participants felt; “It was an extremely enjoyable workshop that was fun as well as informative. We enjoyed learning the free flowing routine and creating dances of our own and would love to do it again.” – Theodora Howd and Madeleine Fairbank.

By Lynsey Buhagiar