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Careers Planning at Lower Sixth Networking Night

On Monday evening over 150 Lower Sixth Students met with Parents and Old Epsomians for the annual Networking Night in the Marquee on Wilson Pitch.

Earlier in the day, the Lower Sixth had benefited from specialist training from Mr Steve Dunevein who gave a practical session on the attitude and strategies required for successful networking: the desire to put others at ease and the means of initiating, maintaining and ending a conversation with tact and courtesy.

The evening began with a Q&A session from an illustrious panel who shared experiences across their diverse – but equally highly successful – careers. The amount of distilled wisdom and common sense conveyed was worth its weight in gold. Afterwards, the Lower Sixth mingled and socialised with a wide array of figures across the wide spectrum of the Epsom community. There was a lovely lively atmosphere with many conversations extending long into the warm summer night as new connections were made and new friendships were formed.

We are most grateful for the generosity of all who came and supported this valuable event.