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Chemistry Team Crack Complex Questions

The third annual Cambridge Chemistry Race is a national competition open to Sixth Form students and comprises a frenzied two-hour period where teams of 3-5 students race to complete as many complex chemistry questions as possible within the time limit.

Marks are awarded based on the accuracy of the students’ responses, so the race requires a challenging combination of pace and precision to maximise the number of marks gained, whilst teamwork is vital to ensure efficient use of examination time.

Dr Alan Wadsworth-Reay, says: “I am pleased to report that despite the 11th-hour loss of our team captain to a positive Covide test, the rest of the team – Emily Guo, Susie Lei, Tim Tsui and Tony Li – performed admirably. They amassed 71 points, placing them 24 out of 51 competing teams from across the UK. This achievement is especially remarkable as our students are still in the Lower Sixth, yet they were competing against many teams entirely made up of Upper Sixth students.

“For context, this put our team within touching distance of such illustrious nearby institutions such as Latymer School (80 points) and St Paul’s Girls (79 points) and meant that we bested Wellington College (61 points).”