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Children’s Charity Says Thank You With Chocolate

This morning, members of the Epsom College community received a huge donation of chocolate from one of our longest-standing charity partners.

The Momentum Children’s Charity sent the College 1,500 Lindt chocolate teddy bears to help boost the spirits of pupils and staff following the recent tragic events.

Maria Stoney, from the charity, said: “Lindt were kind enough to give Momentum a huge consignment of chocolate to distribute to those who we feel are most in need of a boost. Given what you’ve had to go through in the past month, and following the support you’ve given us over the years, we felt you were most deserving of a little act of kindness. We wanted everyone at Epsom to know that we’re thinking of them and sending them hugs at this very sad time.”

Momentum Children’s Charity has been the Wilson House charity for several years, because one of the girls in the House received support from them when she was ill with cancer as a child. The most recent donation, of £520, was made at the start of February.

Mrs Rebecca Wilson, Housemistress of Wilson House, said: “This is so lovely. Epsom was founded on the principles of benevolence and service to others, and it is touching to know that others are also thinking of us and our own wellbeing at this difficult time for the College.”