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College Chemists Compete in Royal Society of Chemistry Competition

20 pupils from Year 9 to Year 11 took on this year's ‘Top of the Bench’ competition.

‘Top of the Bench’ is an annual national Chemistry competition run by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) aimed at developing pupils’ curiosity, excitement and love of all things chemical.

This is a demanding challenge, consisting of individual tests of theoretical Chemistry knowledge and practical investigations to be complete in the laboratories here at the College.

The entry criteria for this challenge is very selective. Teams must consist of four pupils – two from Year 9, one from Year 10 and one from Year 11.

The Year 9 practical focused on making crystals and the reactivity series of metals, Year 10 conducted chemical tests to identify a series of unknown solutions and the Year 11 practical focused on titrations.

Epsom College had five teams take on the challenge and compete within our labs this year, but only one team per school is allowed to officially enter the competition.

The team that represents the College this year are:

  • Janice Leung (Year 11, Crawfurd)
  • Victor Muangman (Year 10, Granville)
  • Lea Yuen (Year 9, Wilson)
  • Charlotte Chang (Year 9, Crawfurd)

Pupils’ performances are judged by the RSC’s panel and should our team score highly enough, they will progress to a national final in the spring.