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College Rallies to Defeat Covid-19

Following the free accommodation offered to NHS staff throughout the first lockdown, the thousands of items of PPE manufactured and donated by the College, and the thousands of pounds raised by pupils, families and staff to support the Covid Recovery Centre at NHS Headley Court, Epsom is once again supporting the national effort to defeat Covid-19.

The mass vaccination centre at Epsom Racecourse began operation this week, and the College has already opened talks with the team there to see what we can do to support their efforts.

The Headmaster is working closely with the Director of Operations and the Chief Executive at the Vaccination Centre to explore ways the College community can provide meaningful and impactful support to the frontline NHS workers.


Call for Volunteers

The Vaccination Centre is looking for volunteers to help with ushering patients and other day-to-day tasks.
Anyone – pupil, parent, member of staff – aged 15 or over who would be willing to volunteer should send the following information in an email to Lisa Kendall at
  • Your name
  • Mobile Number
  • Days Available
  • Times Available

Offer to the Prime Minister

Epsom College is also supporting the HMC’s proposal to turn independent schools into vaccination hubs.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the HMC outlines the plan:

Our plan is to establish local “hub” schools dedicated to administering the vaccine to teachers, childcare workers and school support staff, starting with workers in nurseries and special schools so that these establishments can remain open over the coming weeks.

We have many schools that would be ideal “hubs” for managing the vaccination process. Such schools have refrigeration, facilities and space to enable the safe flow of people and safe storage of vaccines.

Moreover, we have a large force of medically trained members of staff with the ability to administer the plan in line with Government compliance – a highly effective parallel implementation force that may have been overlooked, but is highly capable, expert and available for mobilisation at very short notice.

“We are confident that our plan would achieve national reach within a very short timescale. In addition, it would draw upon the inherent goodwill that exists within the parent communities in our schools, with parent volunteering efforts unleashing a wave of popular enthusiasm for the delivery of this programme. We are committed to helping the country beat Covid and return to as close to a normal society as possible in the shortest space of time. This would not incur cost to Government – our only requirement would be access to the vaccine in sufficient quantities.”