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Confident Speeches At Senior Dodd Speaking Competition

The Senior Dodd Speaking Competition is a prestigious event for Sixth Form pupils keen to deliver a speech on a topic of their choice. Often these topics stem from their interest in their A-level studies, allowing for beneficial additional research and expansion of ideas.

They are not always A-level based, though, as is the case with this year’s winner, Holly Payne (M) who discussed “‘False’ Reality TV’s Love Island: Why it should be abolished”. She delivered an incredibly well crafted and topical speech and was a deserving winner.

Runners up were Kitan Ojo (H), discussing society’s cliches, and Daisy Collins (M) who spoke about hypocrisy in Hollywood.

All nine speakers did an excellent job and, as mentioned by Mr Ollie Fernie, the evening’s adjudicator, the skills of public speaking will set them in good stead for their futures at university and in the world of work.

By Natalie Bubbear