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Copenhagen Shield Winners

The senior Athletics team were triumphant at Bracknell Stadium. Competing against Wellington, Brighton, Marlborough and Dulwich, the team performed extremely well in their first competitive action in almost two years. With impressive performances, Epsom finished first overall, winning the Copenhagen Shield.

Huge congratulations to all athletes for their hard work and effort, particularly those representing the College for the very first time.

Overall Results

  1. Epsom
  2. Brighton
  3. Wellington
  4. Marlborough
  5. Dulwich


  • Junior: 2nd
  • Inter: 1st
  • Seniors: 1st


  • Junior: 1st
  • Inter: 2nd
  • Senior: =1st with Brighton

Individual Results

Boys (Junior)

  • Mattao Bouget-Kotlar (P): 1st 100m, 1st Triple Jump
  • George Johnson (P): 1st Discus

Boys (Inter)

  • Will Springett (Fa): 1st 100m, 1st Long Jump
  • Kit Temperley (Rn): 1st 200m
  • Seumas MacLeod (H): 1st 400m, 1st Javelin
  • Rorke Ollerhead (Fa): 1st 100m Hurdles
  • Thomas Williams (Fa): 1st Shot Putt
  • Rorke Ollerhead, Seumas MacLeod, Will Springett, Kit Temperley: 1st 4x100m Relay
  • Harry Pearson (H): Personal Best, High Jump (1.65m)

Boys (Senior)

  • Bryn Cann (Fa): 1st 200m, 1st High Jump
  • Tom Maloney (P): 1st 1500m
  • Joseph Menassa (Rn): 1st Shot Put, 1st Discus
  • Solomon Ekoku (Fa): 1st Triple Jump

Girls (Junior)

  • Katie McNeil (R): 1st 100m
  • Sophie Long (R): 1st 200m
  • Gina Carrington (R), Sophie Long, Hannahli Foley-Outeiral (M) and Katie McNeil: 1st 4x100m Relay

Girls (Inters)

  • Farrah Stephens-Martin (M): 1st 100m
  • Amy Henwood (Wh): Personal Best in Shot Put

Girls (Senior)

  • Jessica Alexander (Rv): 1st Discus, 1st High Jump
  • Lois Lillie (Rv): Personal Best in Triple Jump