Croydon High School MUN Conference | Epsom College
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Croydon High School MUN Conference

Epsom College had a very successful day at CroyMUN, with Emily Vandrau (R) winning Outstanding Delegrate, and Caroline Lansdown (Wh) winning Highly Commended. Here, Caroline reflects on the event:

The topics were apt and ranged from the question of the Uighur people, the question of neo-colonialism and the question of the proxy war in Libya to ones such as the question of gay rights and the question of payment of reparations to former colonies, as well as many others. We even had a historical committee set in the 19th century debating the resolution of the Napoleonic Wars.

These topics were fruitful and interesting, with plenty of material for the delegates to debate with. Considering that these are all extremely significant current affairs, it gave the delegates insight into the wider picture of turbulent international relations.

CroyMUN was a fantastic opportunity for many of our new delegates to experience what was a strenuous but exciting conference. Despite it being a daunting environment, everyone gave their best efforts and it all paid off successfully. I hope that everyone did enjoy this conference and are enthusiastic about our next one.