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Design And Technology Projects On Display

GCSE and A-level Design and Technology pupils have been showcasing their completed controlled assessment work. Miss Abi Wickham, Head of Design Technology, said: “I was really thrilled with the standard of the work. Our results are, on the whole, a fair reflection of very talented and motivated groups.”


Miss Wickham said: “Our GCSE pupils responded to themes and contextual challenges set by the exam board, creating products for either primary schools, hotels or supermarkets. The whole department was exceptionally pleased with the outstanding effort and ultimate quality of work produced this year. Pupils responded proactively and were quick to use time effectively and all were very focused on completing a high standard of practical work.”


“Pupils set their own design brief and also completed some outstanding work,” Miss Wickham said. “We had a number of pupils looking to use metal frames this year, therefore we were welding stainless steel and aluminium right up to the end of term in March to ensure pupils completed their practical work and went home to put the finishing touches to their folios. Once again, we achieved excellent A-level results, which were well much deserved.”

Wallace Fields Infant School Donation

Two pupils’ projects have been gifted to local infant school, Wallace Fields’ Reception class. The brief, to create a product to encourage co-operative play and learning, saw Charlie Day and Stan Tanguy create an outdoor percussion music station and sandpit, respectively. The school sent their thanks and a series of photographs of the youngsters enjoying the new additions to their classroom.