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DofE Practice Expedition

On Tuesday 15 June, the Silver and Gold DofE groups completed a three-day local practice expedition with guidance provided by instructors from Intense Adventure. This was a bespoke expedition to get pupils prepared for their qualifying expedition later in the year.

The expedition included one day spent in Epsom completing various challenges at spots around Epsom Common. The other two days were spent navigating routes in the Surrey Hills and coaching sessions on necessary camping skills.

The groups were not accompanied by the instructors, but were met at various check points along the way. We did go off-route a few times but luckily had a tracker so our instructor could see where we were and coach us throughout. After the walk was completed, we returned to school for some camping skills coaching and learnt how to use the trangia to boil water for coffee.

Day two was my favourite of the days. We navigated our way to Epsom Common and completed various challenges. The aim was to complete all challenges in the fastest time (and demonstrate the best teamwork) to earn points and win a prize at the end of the day (Haribo!).

The challenges were mentally challenging and required great teamwork skills. One included a Lego construction which was on one side of a storm shelter with two teammates/directors. This then had to be reconstructed identically with the remaining teammates on the other side of the shelter using the instructions from the directing duo. There was a lot of walking involved but the challenges were very fun.

At the end of day three we were debriefed by Phil from Intense Adventure and the Challenge Day prizes were distributed. None of the groups struggled too much (apart from a couple of map skill problems) and always had a great attitude.

The whole expedition was met with great enthusiasm from the staff and the pupils and I greatly look forward to the qualifying expedition in Shropshire at the end of term when there will be more challenges to come. Thanks to the amazing DofE instructors as well as the staff for making this a really enjoyable practice expedition.

Otto Lapidus – Lower Sixth (G)