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Drama Pupils Enjoy Jam-Packed Day of Shows and Workshops in London

Poppy Tilling (Upper Sixth, Crawfurd) reviews the day and tells us about her favourite piece of theatre she has ever seen!

On the first day of the Easter holidays, the GCSE and A-level drama students met in London ready for the day of excitement ahead of us.

We congregated in the morning at Danceworks in Soho where we took part in a Shakespeare workshop. As the 10 of us climbed up the never-ending stairs to the studio we were all excited to see what we were in for. With all of us having studied Shakespeare in Drama and English we weren’t the most excited, but the moment the workshop started we were loving it. We started by exploring the different characters and their status, which then led to us exploring the world of iambic pentameter.

Once we had finished, the group headed over to Covent Garden for lunch and then the next stop on our London tour was the Adelphi Theatre to watch Back to the Future: The Musical! From the moment we walked into the auditorium we were on the edge of our seats. Being a lover of musicals and the original movie, this show did not disappoint. The costumes, music and set were all fabulous, catching the eye of everyone in the audience. By the end of the show I felt like I had gone back in time to the 80s and had The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News stuck in my head for days after seeing the show.

After having a delightful dinner at a Mexican restaurant, we walked to the National Theatre where we watched Romeo and Julie, a modern re-telling of Romeo and Juliet. Having seen many versions of Romeo and Juliet I was curious to see how this one was any different. After seeing this production, when I am asked what my favourite piece of theatre I have ever seen is, my response without any hesitation is “ROMEO AND JULIE!” This production was incredible, it had the perfect mix of comedy, drama and amazing acting. It was a minimalistic set but I felt completely enveloped within the world of the characters. Unfortunately, this production is no longer running but if it were to return I would promote it to anyone who passed me by in the street.