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Eclectic topics aired at Junior Dodd Speaking Competition

On Thursday 16 May, nine Middle Fourth and Upper Fourth students bravely stood up and delivered their Junior Dodd speeches to an audience of family, friends and teachers.

There was a variety of interesting topics, including ‘pick up lines’, ‘health and safety in rugby’ and ‘what it means to be a girl’. All of the speeches were well structured and clearly topics the speakers felt passionate about.

In the end, the tough decision of who would be placed in the top three was made by Mr James Dunn, Head of History. Verity Russell (R) was a runner up with her persuasive speech about why pupils in Middle Fourth should not have end of year exams. Meely Thesiger (R) also placed as a runner up with her well-researched and moving speech on the importance of music.

It was Fraser Spalding (Fa) who won, however, with his humorous and brilliantly delivered speech in which he defended the Comic Sans font. All should be very proud of their achievements.

By Natalie Bubbear