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 England Squash Pontefract Gold Event

Last weekend, three Epsom College squash players travelled up to Yorkshire to compete in the England Squash Pontefract Gold Event, a squash competition attracting the best juniors from across the UK.

Luke McBride (GH), playing against older boys in the U13 competition, played exceptionally well to finish fifth, winning five matches before losing in the quarter-final to a player ranked number one in the country.

In the U15 competition, Zach Woolven (C) finished 12th, producing some excellent squash, especially in a brilliant win against the number six in England.

Meanwhile, fellow M4 Ronnie Hickling (C) won four of five games, eventually losing to the number one ranked player in the country in the semi-final, finishing third overall. Epsom’s players should be commended for competing so well at the highest level of junior squash.