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English Department Workshop On A View From The Bridge

After coming through the dark long tunnel of Trials, members of the Fifth Form were treated to two lively and entertaining workshop sessions on A View from the Bridge – one of their GCSE English Literature set texts.

Paul Lowden, a former English teacher from Eastbourne College who had directed a production of the play in March of this year, identified extracts for performance in advance, and students were selected to step into role on the day. In front of their peers, the students took direction and started the exciting process of bringing a play to life on the stage.

Using suggestions and insights from Mr Lowden, and indeed from the rest of the year group, the actors used silence, body language, eye-contact, props and proxemics to create passages of exciting three-dimensional drama.

There were two separate sessions to enable all members of the Fifth Form to feel involved and able to contribute. The students involved, and the roles they played, were as follows:

Session 1

  • Alfieri – Solomon Ekoku (Fa)
  • Eddie – Will Swan (C)
  • Beatrice – Meredith Briggs (Rv)
  • Catherine – Ariana Menessa (Rv)
  • Rodolpho – Callum Scholes (G)
  • Marco – JJ Stonely (P)


Session 2

  • Alfieri – Nick Wong (H)
  • Eddie – Max Franks (H)
  • Beatrice – Katie Tingle (Rv)
  • Catherine – Eva Saunders (M)
  • Rodolpho – Otto Lapidus (G)
  • Marco – Ollie Mullen (P)