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English-Speaking Union Schools’ Mace Debating Competition

Fifth Form pupils William Springett (Fa), Arthur Van Grondelle (C) and Yan Mezhebytskyi (F), represented the College in the first virtual English-Speaking Union Schools’ Mace debating competition. The motion was ‘This House Believes that government economic policy should prioritise the collective happiness and well-being of the population over economic growth’. 

William, Arthur and Yan were the proposition against an opposition from Guildford High School. Six schools participated in our heat with just two going through to the next round. Unfortunately, on this occasion, Epsom were not successful. However, William, Arthur and Yan can be very proud of the excellent performances they gave, especially as the other competitors were a year above, in Sixth Form.

This was a complex motion and the team prepared independently, doing extensive research to evidence their arguments, which they presented convincingly and articulately.

By Briony Thomas, English Department