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Epsom College Coders Battle It Out With UK’s Best

Epsom’s computer scientists have performed strongly in the opening round of the annual Perse Coding Team Challenge.

The annual competition, run by The Perse School in Cambridge, is open to all UK pupils in Years 7-11. Teams submit short code solutions to a range of challenges, which increase in difficulty and complexity. Those teams that score the highest progress to Round 2, when prizes – including the coveted Braben Cup – are at stake.

The College entered 20 teams into the national competition, each made of a pair of either M4 students in the Junior Category, or GCSE students in the Senior Category.

A large number of Epsom’s teams were awarded a Distinction for being among the top 25% of participating schools. The field was strong and twice the size of last year’s – a very impressive result.

Sorina Biletchi, Head of Computing, said: “The pupils have demonstrated excellent team collaboration skills, as well as the commitment to prepare regularly ahead of the competition outside of their usual Computer Science lessons.”

Preparations for Round 2 are now underway, with every Distinction winner invited to form a team of three. Pupils will continue to prepare for the more complex and challenging tasks that await them on 23 and 24 March.


Epsom Teams

Best in School (Junior category – joint winners)

  • Alexa Neglen (Year 9, Wilson) & Mara Savastre (Year 9 Raven)  
  • Aarav Patel(Year 9, Robinson) & Otto Scott-Holland (Year 9, Robinson)

Best in School (Senior Category)

  • Thomas Stapely (Year 11, Carr) & Sean Lung (Year 11, Granville) 


  • Viktor Chistyakov (Year 10, Robinson) & Timofey Lomizov (Year 10, Robinson)
  • Harry Shan (Year 10, Granville) & James Durup (Year 10, Granville)
  • Andrew Wong (Year 10, Holman) & Jasper Won (Year 10, Holman)
  • Daniel Strange (Year 10, Robinson) & Jack Paulson (Year 10, Robinson)
  • Panagiotis Xanthakos (Year 10, Fayrer) & Aran Pramoj (Year 10, Fayrer)
  • Jason Cheung (Year 11, Holman) & Javis Luk (Year 11, Granville)


We are also very pleased to record and mention the winners of other certificates:

Junior (Year 9)

  • Charlotte Chang
  • Sophia Kwok
  • Annabel English
  • Isabel Fung
  • Yeseong Choi
  • Eason Zheng
  • Aloysius Yeung

Senior (Years 10-11)

  • Sam Clinton
  • Tom Lovett
  • Alex Braine
  • Finn Pleasance
  • Henry Lord
  • Lewis Denslow
  • Charissa Kwok
  • James Mathews


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