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Epsom College History Brought to Life in the Community

In December 2023, the College Archivist Rebecca Worthy, was invited by the History Lead at Wallace Fields Infant School to contribute to the development of their history curriculum.

Wallace Fields was keen for this community project to teach how change occurs through local history. Epsom College, so familiar to many at Wallace Fields through our strong community links, became the ideal place to show those vivid changes.

Over the course of the Lent Term, Lucy Church-Jones and Bella Hibbert, on behalf of the Active Historians Club, worked to identify areas of the College that would help the younger children understand how places and aspects of life change in history but also offer continuity at times. They were tasked with creating helpful visual teaching resources to not only bring to life aspects of our College history but to make it accessible for the younger generations to compare and contrast the changes.

Many interesting images were found in the Archive and their work also included restaging a photo of the teachers from 1888 with current members of staff, as well as recreating a class in session. This rewarding experience has been a privilege to be involved with and has allowed the College to extend and strengthen our community links even further.

Rebecca Worthy, College Archivist