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Epsom College to Host BBC Question Time

Epsom College is to host the BBC’s flagship political debate programme, Question Time, for the first time in its history.

The programme, being broadcast on Thursday 30 May, will be presented by Fiona Bruce in the historic surroundings of Epsom College’s Big School building.

In keeping with the traditions of this long-running programme, the panel is being kept a closely guarded secret until the day before filming with guests due to be announced on the programme’s Twitter feed on Wednesday 29 May.

The show is the first to be broadcast after the results of European elections have been announced, and the outcome of a fiercely contested campaign revealed.

If you would like to apply to be an audience member, the last few seats are still available. Simply click on this link to get involved.

Big School is a fitting location for the broadcast, having hosted many of the school’s finest scholars over the years.

The College was opened in 1855 by Prince Albert, and in 1861 Big School was built to accommodate increasing numbers of pupils. From 1862 until 1914, all pupils took their lessons in Big School. Tables were arranged around the perimeter of the main hall, with boys moving from table to table to read different subjects and disciplines. The Headmaster’s table sat beneath the bust of the College founder, Dr John Propert, which is still in place.

As the College expanded and lessons began to be taught in purpose-built departmental buildings, Big School became the main venue for the extensive programme of co-curricular activity; hosting plays, recitals, concerts, soirées and academic debates.

Headmaster, Mr Jay Piggot, says: “We are delighted to be hosting Question Time. Our school has long fostered and revered the life of the mind, and we are pleased to welcome some of our country’s foremost thinkers and politicians to discuss the pressing matters of our time. We want our pupils to be excited by ideas and the exchange of arguments; inevitably, the quality of political debate on display will engage and inspire our pupils.”