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Epsom v RAC Doubles

Epsom played the RAC in a doubles tournament at the weekend. Here, James Dubois, of the RAC, reflects on the head-to-head.


“We all played two back-to-back doubles matches: we used the doubles courts to play our opposite numbers and the singles to play the adjoining pair (ie 1s v 2s, and 3s v 4s).

Although the Club won seven matches to one, the games score was 23 to 7, but 13 of the 30 games were decided by a two-point difference so virtually all of the matches were tight. All played in excellent humour and it continues to be a real pleasure to see the pupils improve year-by-year. We will be sorry to see Fraser, Ollie and Stan leave Epsom at the end of this season.

A warm welcome back to George Piggot who played for us: also well done to the Headmaster who remained undefeated in the evening (as did Luke Fisher in a short friendly after the Main Event).

We hope to have a return match in the next few months, down at the College, which would be singles and doubles – we might then struggle as the boys are very quick and energetic.

The Epsom players were Stan Tanguy, Luke Camfield, Ronnie Hickling, Zach Woolven, Fraser Spalding, Wilf Baker, Ollie King and Luke McBride.”