Epsom's 1st V defeat Reed's and Truro in KS5 National Squash Competition | Epsom College
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Epsom’s 1st V defeat Reed’s and Truro in KS5 National Squash Competition

Epsom’s 1st V were drawn a tough group in Stage 1 of the National Schools competition, facing strong Truro and Reed’s sides. In an every-point-counts format, every seed needed to perform well to ensure Epsom qualified for the next round.

Reed’s were competitive in every match and particularly strong in the middle-order, but the real battle was between Epsom and Truro.

Fourth and fifth seeds James Bull (G) and Fraser Spalding (Fa) excelled, winning their matches in straight games (and only dropping five and four points respectively against Reed’s).

At third seed, Lower School pupil Ronnie Hickling (Wa), returning from injury, was not quite as precise as normal, losing both his matches, but he came close in each game and continued to fight until the end, securing vital points for Epsom.

Luke Camfield (GH) – also one of our Lower School boys – displayed real composure against strong opponents at second seed, beating Reed’s in straight games and overcoming his Truro opponent by the narrowest of margins.

Player of the Match was first seed Stan Tanguy (G). Playing a boy from Truro ranked sixth in the country, Stan produced patient, tactical squash of the highest level to come very close in each game, only losing by 33-25 points across the three games. After this exhausting fixture, Stan summoned the energy to get straight back on court to defeat Reed’s in straight games.

Overall, Epsom won 298 points, Truro 260 and Reed’s 186; Epsom thus finished top of the group, an outstanding achievement for Epsom’s youngest ever 1st V.


Epsom 298 points
Truro 260 points
Reed’s 186 points