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Epsom’s Model Boat Washes Up In Jersey

“A pesky software bug” cut short Epsom College’s attempt to cross the Atlantic as part of the Microtransat Challenge. The autonomous boat, Endeavour, travelled south instead of west and ended its journey on a Jersey beach. Retrieved by helpful passers-by, and kindly delivered by Condor Ferries, Endeavour is now safely back at the College ready to be tweaked for the next attempt.

The start of this attempt was perfect for four days. The students will be encouraged to tweak and improve Endeavour’s design and software before we try again, probably in March.”

The Jersey Evening Post covered the Endeavour’s rescue and the story can be viewed below.

The Microtransat Challenge is an annual race in which autonomous boats compete to successfully cross the Atlantic. Epsom College is the only school in the UK to take on the challenge, and has entered a vessel every year since 2016.

The challenge is part of the College’s ongoing efforts to promote STEM and has featured in national press, including The Times, as well as earning the support of the Royal Navy and praise from the Robotics team at Aberystwyth University.