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Epsom’s STEM Team Answer MPs’ Questions at Parliament

Following two consecutive third-place finishes in the UK National Rocketry Competition, Epsom College was invited to the Houses of Parliament for a unique opportunity. Team Icarus – Lexy Poulton, Thomas Booth, Oliver Booth, Tilly White, Myles Eckes, Amy Scerri and Ed Northover – accompanied by Mr Johnstone and Dr Telfer-Mason, were invited to present and answer MPs’ questions about the benefits of studying STEM.

The team spent two hours presenting and taking questions from over 30 MPs, these included MP David Morris (Chair of the All-Party Group for Space) and MP Stephen Metcalfe (Chair of the Scientific All-Party Group) along with a number of other MPs from all parties and regions of the United Kingdom.

The students spoke eloquently about how they had researched and designed a rocket that had to fulfil certain requirements in order to participate in the competition. They went on to explain how a combination of careful measurements and theory, along with trial, error and a bit of luck, had enabled them to finish third. MPs were keen to understand the benefits of taking part in STEM challenges and how they could encourage more schools and students in their own constituencies to take part.

Amy Scerri said: “I really enjoyed being able to display our knowledge and passion of STEM to the MPs, in the hope that they will spread the same knowledge and passion to schools in their constituency. They seemed very interested in the competition we took part in. Answering their questions about STEM was very rewarding as we were promoting something very important to us. I also really enjoyed having a tour around Parliament and Portcullis House, as it is an opportunity that few people get.”

All members of the team enjoyed their day out and are now focused on trying to win the next competition, with qualification taking place in May.