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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Making Plans for the Year Ahead

The first meeting of Epsom's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Society took place last week with a particular focus on October's Black History Month. Upper Sixth student, and EDI Society member, Antonia Howard, reveals all...

The first meeting kicked off with an introduction of the society’s aims and objectives for the year, under the banner: Developing a sense of belonging – getting actively involved in managing change.

We focused on ideas for celebrating the forthcoming Black History Month. Among the many activities taking place, is “Come and Taste Week” in the third week of October. The Society discussed which cuisines should feature, and Moroccan, Korean, and Japanese dishes were among the favourites.

We will also be hosting a film night for Black History Month, with Black Panther 2, Men of Honour and Harriet among the choices being explored.

The Art Week, managed by Head of Art, Mr Arvanitis, will kick-off on 9 October. Do take the time to view the excellent work produced by members of the College community.

We are also looking for people to take part in the BHM Extravaganza – so please come forward if you would like to showcase dance, music, poetry, comedy skits, songs and anything else you would like to share.

The EDI Society has a number of affinity groups and sub-groups that pupils can join in order to celebrate the College’s  religious, ethnic and cultural diversity. The African, Caribbean, Asians and Allies Society (ACAAS), and the Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) are two of the largest.

Each House has its own EDI representative, so do ensure you let them know of any ideas, thoughts, or concerns you may have.

This year’s executive was also introduced and it was good to see so many members of our ethnically diverse community from Middle Fourth to Upper Sixth in attendance. Our staff are Mrs Austin, Head of EDI; Mr Russell, Assistant Head: Senior School; and Mrs Watkins, Community & Volunteering Manager.

The EDI Team

  • Student Director, Heeta Vijaykumar
  • Deputy Student Director and President of ACAAS, Nyla Obeng-John
  • President of GSA, Billy Maguire
  • Vice President and EDI Amy Panprasong

Division Leads/Vice Presidents

  • Olivia Diri: ACAAS
  • Antonia Howard: Allies Society and EDI News Editor
  • Alysha Advani: South Asians Society
  • Justin Pang: East Asians Society
  • Nicholas Cavaliere: Media and Communications
  • Gabrielle Sesay and Raquel Williams: Event Managers
  • Eva Sesay and Madeleine Conway: Lower School EDI Division Leads
  • Abigail Hill: Junior EDI President
  • Charles Wells: Staff Liaison Officer and GSA Coordinator