First meeting of the Afro-Caribbean Society | Epsom College
  • Sixth Form

First meeting of the Afro-Caribbean Society

Olaiya Adeniji (F) led the first meeting of the Afro-Caribbean Society on Thursday afternoon. The topic for discussion was the recent election in America and the role that race played. Olaiya began with the thought provoking question: “Do the Democrats take the Black vote for granted?”

This triggered much discussion. Participants broke into small groups and then shared ideas with eloquence, respect and humour. Over the session, Olaiya shared a number of revealing video clips and slides about key characters in the election: Donald Trump, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. It became apparent that the issues were far more nuanced and complex than many initially thought.

A central aim of the Afro-Caribbean Society is to promote discussion: job done, Olaiya!

By Nick Russell, Assistant Head: Sixth Form