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Founder’s Day – Sporting Round-Up

Parents and guests were treated to a host of sporting action on Founder’s Day, alongside the annual cricket match against the OEs, which resulted in a win for the former pupils.

There were Tennis Open Singles finals; Senior and Junior House Rounders competitions; as well as Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics. House rivalry was out in force, and a number of individual College records were broken.


100m cup

  • Luke Laughton (C)
  • Adahna Ekoku (Rv)

Nyren Challenge Cup (Junior 100m sprint)

  • Seumas MacLeod (H)
  • Farrah Stephens-Martin (M)

Open 200m Emanuele Palladino

  • Luke Laughton (C)
  • Grace Crompton (R)

Greaves Senior 400m Cup

  • Tom Wearne (G)

800m Challenge Bowl

  • Jack Briggs (P) and Oliver Callaghan (Rn)
  • Olivia Wilde (R)

Lindsay Cup – Winner of the Open Mile

  • Jack Briggs (P)

Stamford Hurdles Open

  • Benji Oosterwyk (P)
  • Adahna Ekoku (Rv)

Samuel Ladoke Junior/Intermediate Jumps trophy

  • Solomon Ekoku (Fa)
  • Anna Russell (R)

Jumps Quaich – Best Senior Jumper

  • Milan Olu-Williams (Fa)
  • Hannah Palmer (M)
  • Isabel Evans (R)

Dr Salmon Field Event cup (Throws)

  • Gordon Chung (G)
  • Rose Ewins (Rv)


Boys’ Athletics

Michael Oliver U15 Victor Ludorum

  • Seumas MacLeod (H)
  • Rorke Ollerhead (Fa)

U16 Victor Ludorum

  • Josh King (H)

U17 Victor Ludorum

  • Tom Maloney (P)

Macfarlane Cup Victor Ludorum – Open – Senior Boys

  • Luke Laughton (C)

The Charles Taylor Relay Cup

  • Propert

The Hancock Trophy U15 House

  • Fayrer

The Hancock Trophy U17 House

  • Holman

Senior Inter-House Cup – Open Competition

  • Carr

The Challenge Cup for Athletics – Common Room Cup (for the overall winning House)

  • Propert


Girls’ Athletics

U15 Victrix Ludorum (C.Baverstock)

  • Farrah Stephens-Martin (M)
  • Delphine Ayitey-Hammond (Rv)

U16 Joanna Clark Victrix Ludorum

  • Lois Lillie (Rv)

U17 Victrix Ludorum

  • No award

Open Victrix Ludorum

  • Adahna Ekoku (Rv)

J.G.Le Geyt Relay Cup

  • Rosebery

U15 House Athletics

  • Murrell

U17 House Athletics

  • Raven

Open House Athletics

  • Rosebery

Overall House Athletics Winner

  • Raven

Lower School Athletics

Third Form Victor Ludorum Salver

  • John Warfield (GH)

Lower Fourth Victor Ludorum Salver

  • Luke Campbell (Wa)

Third Form Victrix Ludorum Salver

  • Sophie Long (Wa)

Lower Fourth Victrix Ludorum Salver

  • Amelia Burke (Wa)

Inter-House Lower School Athletics trophy

  • Wardroper


Senior Girls’ Rounders

  • White

U16 Girls’ Rounders

  • Rosebery

U15 Girls’ Rounders

  • Rosebery

U14 Girls’ Rounders

  • Raven

Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis Competition

Boys’ Tennis Singles Cup

  • Jacob Hansson (C)

Girls’ Tennis Singles Cup

  • Elisabeth Phizackerley (Cr)


Jacob Hansson (U4-C) beat Zach Alfalahi (U4-C) while Elisabeth Phizackerley (L6-Cr) beat Charlotte Thesiger (M4-R) in high-quality tennis matches.